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Reticulated Pythons

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Reticulated Pythons


  • Albino - SR

    Simple Recessive color gene. Three distinct phases can all be produced from the SAME bloodline. Lavender, White and Purple phase are all compatible. Available Albinos, Heterozygous & Albino combos

  • Blue Eyed Leucy - ALS

    The Acts Like Super - ALS combo of Ghost Stripe and Phantom Stripe. When bred to a normal all resulting babies are Phantom Stripes and Het. Ghost Stripes. It is also a genetic Paradox mutation. A smaller and very rare mutation of the Ghost Stripe and Phantom Stripe.

  • General Morphs

    If you don't see something listed call and talk to Andy or Kevin. We LOVE retics and have tons if not most of our snakes not even listed!! 603.382.2772

  • Genetic Stripe - SR

    Simple Recessive. Generally a smaller growing Retic pattern mutation. Heterozygous and Genetic Striped animals.

  • Ghost Stripe - SR

    Simple Recessive. A Orange Hypomelanistic pattern and color gene. Originates from the Jampea locality which is a smaller growing. Males can breed @ 6' while females can breed @ 7 - 9' but need to be 3 years old. Can be regarded as a Heterozygous Blue Eyed genetic Paradox.

  • Golden Child - Dom

    Dominant. This is an amazing Retic mutation that varies a great deal. Some animals are nearly black. Smaller growing than Mainland Retics. Males may breed @ 6' and females @ 9'. Available Golden Child retics & combos. One of our FAVORITE retic mutations EVER!

  • Granite Back - CoDom

    CoDominant. Visible heterozygous form of the Anthrax gene. This mutation makes some very strange looking snakes when bred together. Some offspring are Axanthic or nearly Axanthic. Still lots more to learn about this gene!!!

  • Granite Back - Super Expression - Anthrax

    The Homozygous Super form of the Granite Back. A very interesting mutation with much more to do!

  • Motley - CoDom/Dom

    An awesome pattern mutations that may prove to have a Super.

  • Phantom Stripe - CoDom

    Co Dominant gene. Another version of the Ghost Stripe gene. Will make Blue Eyed Leucistic when bred to Ghost Stripe.

  • Phantom Stripe - Super Expression

    The Homozygous - Super Form of the Phantom Stripe gene. A variation of the Ghost Stripe loci gene complex.

  • Platinum - CoDom

    Co Dominant. The Super expression of this gorgeous mutation is the Ivory, Ultra Ivory & Black Eyed Leucistic.

  • Platinum - 1 Super Expression - Ivory

    The Super form of the Platinum gene also makes Ultra Ivories and Black Eyed Leucistics.

  • Platinum - 2 Super Expression - Black Eyed Leucistic

    The homozygous - Super form of the Platinum complex. The further expression of the Ivory and Platinum gene.

  • Platinum - 3 Super Expression - Ultra Ivory

    The Homozygous - Super expression of the Platinum and Ivory gene. It appears as a Leucistic with something extra. We can not explain it but they are AWESOME!

  • Sunfire - CoDom

    Co Dominant for the Super Sunfire mutation.

  • Tiger - CoDom

    Co Dominant. When bred together it makes the much desired Super Tiger Retic. Generally a wonderful and friendly pet!

  • Tiger - Super Expression - Super Tiger

    The Homozygous - Super form of the Tiger Retic gene.